From Subsistence to Sustenance
Transforming the lives of Small Farmers


Crop Cycle of Regular Farmer
Crop Cycle of a Krishiyog Farmer

Value Proposition


  • Manual Record Maintenance
  • Inefficiencies in Operations
  • Low Member-engagement
  • Engagement based incentives
  • Complete tracking of field activities
  • Low-cost extension services platform


  • Credit Default
  • No Credit History of Farmers
  • No information on planned/unplanned spend of Customer
  • Credit Facilitation & Tracking
  • Credit Rating System for Farmers
  • Incentives for good credit behavior 
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  • Improper product usage
  • Limited Agri-advisory by retailers
  • No targeted product recommendations
  • Targeted Agri-extension services&Advisory
  • Usage & Yield Information for field performance analysis
  • Targeted product recommendations through customer data analytics
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Research Orgs

  • Disconnect between the farmers &  Researchers
  • Limited usage of PoPs 
  • Inefficiencies  in User Tracking/Feedback
  • Access to users of research
  • Ensuring complete compliance with PoPs
  • Tracking yield & other relevant data and user feedback

About KrishiYog

Our Vision

To assist small & marginal farmers at all touch-points to increase their profitability & make them sustainable through

  • Access to Finance
  • Productivity improvement
  • Market Linkages
  • Financial Discipline
  • Providing Secondary Sources of Income
  • Building Market Led Production model
  • Impact at least 1 million farmers positively by 2022
  • Increase the net profit to farmer by a minimum of 30%
  • Develop at least 500 rural entrepreneurs
  • Introduce and encourage sustainable agriculture practices to at least 10% of our farmer community
  • Facilitate transactions of at least $1bn worth on the KrishiYog platform

Our Technology

ERP Platform

KrishiYog provides cloud-based web and mobile ERP solutions that help Farmer Producer Companies and Farmer Cooperatives to track their operations, transactions, member & partner level activity, procurement activity and inventory management.

Extension Service Platform

The Extension Services Platform provides farmers customized recommendations on seed, inputs, timely weather and market information. The platform helps in spreading and enforcing Package of Practice. The platform also provides near real-time disease diagnostic services based on Machine Learning algorithms.

Credit Rating Platform

Our Proprietary Credit Rating System assists Banks and NBFCs to offer credit at optimal interest rates to farmers based on varied dataset that includes credit & repayment history, trade transactions, asset records and other activity information.

Our Partners

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Do you believe in equitable growth? Do you wish to make modern technology more accessible to advance and sustain a vibrant rural economy? Do you wish to bring a transforming idea to life and see a positive social impact that affects millions of farmers in India? Then we can’t wait to have you onboard! Please leave us a message to discuss about opportunities at KrishiYog

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